Now In 3D!!! Or not…

A few years ago, we bought a 3D television for our bedroom. But we’ve never used the 3D function. It wasn’t until the other day that my wife mentioned we can play video games in 3D that I remembered about it.

I had hooked up the PS3 in our bedroom shortly after Christmas (when the PS4 took over our theater room). My wife recently re-discovered her joy for “Super Stardust HD” on our PS3. The other night she told me that the game allows for her to choose an option to play it in 3D. My first thought was “Far out man…”

I dug out the box of glasses that came with our tv. We never used them as I said, and of course they come with a small battery which is now dead in each pair. So much for playing the game in 3D last night. Those cheap plastic ones from the movie theater don’t work on our tv.

In a way, I wish the 3D was like it was in the old days. With red and blue making everything fuzzy to trick your brain. Although, I’d probably still not watch 3D shows. It’s not as immersive at home as it is on the big screen. Even then, last year we only saw about 3-4 films in the theaters. The shows just aren’t doing it for me lately. Unless it’s Marvel or Star Wars, I probably won’t fork over my hard earned cash.

Well, maybe for another Pee-Wee Herman film.

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