Lack of Zzzzzz

I flipped from doing three weeks of night shift onto day shift this past week. My body fought it hard. I was looking forward to seeing the day time and having dinner with the family every day. Dinners were delicious, but by the end of each meal- I was toast.

I was an old man at the end of every day crawling into bed by 8:30pm. Passing out and waking up before 4:30am. On my last night- I couldn’t fall sleep, then I didn’t want to wake up. Every alarm – I hit snooze. Just out of habit. Even though my alarms are set every ten minutes, the nine minute snooze messed me up.

Now I’m going to bed before my days off. I had to cancel plans with a friend because I knew, even though this is my “Friday Night”, that I wouldn’t make it past 10pm. Watching a movie in the theater at 9:30pm would be like paying cash for a nap.


  1. frazzledagain · February 7, 2018

    I remember shift work well, my favourite was midnights, cause I rarely slept well at night anyway. I seemed to be able to sleep all day.

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    • Josef Havelka · February 8, 2018

      I’ve always had shift work style jobs. My favorite was the movie theater where I was a projectionist. When everything was shut down, I was allowed to stay and watch a film. I’d stay in one of the 19 empty auditoriums until 4 or 5 am watching a movie. Usually dead center of a 400 seat auditorium with the sound turned a few notches louder so I could feel every explosion in my body.

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