Naming A Couple of Monkeys

Last night I saw a couple of my old stuffed monkeys. One was in my son’s closet and the other was hanging in my daughter’s room. Here they are:

These two little guys have been in my possession for nearly twenty years. The first one I had long before I met my wife. I would walk about with them hanging from my neck, arm or leg like an accessory. They are super soft and have perfect names.

The brown one on the right is named “Poo Flinger”. He was the first one I bought. Since monkeys throw poop, I thought it was perfect. Then his beige brother was purchased on a whim while on a date with my future wife at Toys R Us one day. She helped in naming him. His name is “Jizz Lobber”. Like when you you lob a tennis ball.

My children knew about the first one’s name and always thought it was cute. The second one was shortened to “JL” and the kids thought it was meant to symbolize us- their parents- Josef and Lee-Anne. They found out the real name last night. Not sure if they found it amusing or not.

Since the first thing my wife and I named together was our monkey “Jizz Lobber”- suddenly naming our first child Random was a bit more appropriate. Followed by her sister Darwin and brother Theory. I think each of them has fallen nicely into their names.

Including our original monkeys.

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  1. frazzledagain · February 8, 2018

    Aw, that is such a cute story

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