Facebook Creeping

We’ve all done it. You go on Facebook to creep out some name of a person just to see who they pretend to be online. I do this quite regularly. Searching is easy. And fun!

Facebook doesn’t want you to clear your “Search History” though. It seems that they like to access what/who you were looking for. I figure this is for advertising purposes. I’m getting really sick of ads popping up. Or even the “Boost your post” ads for a page or link you shared. And now “The Marketplace” where people sell their junk (like unwanted Craigslist ads).

Once Instagram and Facebook joined forces, the advertising is cross referenced. I see ads on Facebook for stuff I post on Instagram and vice versa. Maybe it’s time to drop both social media apps from my iPhone. They know too much. They know everything about almost everyone. Hey, they do know everything- maybe I should look up that girl from my Grade 8 year that I liked…

But why would I care to see what someone is like that I haven’t talked to in 30 years? That’d be kinda creepy. But only if I accidentally click “LIKE” on a photo by accident… I can be careful enough to creep…

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