Rock Lobster

In mid December, I mentioned that our oldest had an interview for a job at a Fish Market: Next Generation of Milestones. I forgot to follow up, but she got the job and started within a few days of the New Year. She is loving it.

For Valentine’s Day she picked up a couple of lobster tails for my wife and I. In the past, I’ve bought a couple cheap frozen lobster tails. The kind that are $7-$9/each. A small side of shellfish to a plate of mashed potatoes. Our daughter went above and beyond. Onto her work tab, she put these two monsters:

When I saw them, I was floored. How the heck am I supposed to eat these? A pound and a half of lobster meat! It would just have to be eaten somehow.

And it was delicious. Even though my wife and I sent the kids off to bed in order to sit down for our meal, we couldn’t eat these tails without sharing. Two of our three kids loved it. Our middle child did not. I’m not sure why, but that just means more lobster for the rest of us in the future.

Our oldest with the job is excited about trying more varieties of fish and shellfish now. She is also learning the skills to prepare and serve fish. I’m proud of her and the fact that she loves her job. And she loves us enough to get us some tasty food as well!

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