She Works Hard For the Money

My wife has been running her own business for what seems like forever. Check out her website (that I helped design) at Ningen Headwear. She loves what she does. All of her hard work has paid for our vacations and the kids’ activities. I love her products and enjoy talking about them to everyone I know.

However there is a small change a brewin’.

My wife had a job interview on Friday. It was a Skype interview that lasted about 45 minutes. She did well enough that it was followed immediately by a secondary interview that involved problem solving skills. I hope that she nailed it.

My wife was a bit anxious and is having some mixed emotions about this. She never really used Skype before (neither had I) so it was a fun challenge to get it set up and see what it can do. She also expressed feelings of doubt in both her abilities to do this new job and in herself for having “failed” at her own business.

I reminded her that she didn’t fail at running a business. She successfully made something from scratch. I don’t see it as failing for trying something new by working for someone else. It’s time for her to change it up a bit. She will continue to work on her own business if she gets this job. She is passionate about what she does.

Fingers crossed she gets this job. It seems like a perfect fit for her. Now we wait… waiting is tough. But in the meantime she will continue to work from home making awesome hats and cosplay ears.


  1. frazzledagain · February 24, 2018

    They are really nice hats. Well made, it looks like. Its too bad she can’t sell enough to do that without working elsewhere. I cant imgine that she’s making much money on the labour, that is probably the problem, price them higher and no one will buy. I hope she keeps it up.

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    • Josef Havelka · February 24, 2018

      Thanks! She does all of the work herself. Busy time is Christmas/Winter. Fleece hats don’t generally sell in the summer.

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      • frazzledagain · February 24, 2018

        She could change the fabric and make chemo hats for summer out of a breathable polyester wicking fabric, but maybe without the ears. Fleece makes nice chemo hats for winter as well.
        , without the ears, at least I think. Good luck to her getting this job.

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