Wish Granted

Yesterday was my birthday. It was perfect. My family did exactly what I wished for- nothing.

Well, not exactly “nothing”. They took me out for sushi dinner. Then they gave me 42 homemade cupcakes. I received a few bags of candy with 42 pieces in each. Then we went to the drive-in movie to watch “Black Panther”.

It was a perfect birthday. Exactly what I wished for. No big party. No extravagant gifts. Just my wife and kids having fun.



  1. frazzledagain · March 17, 2018

    Is that a real gift you got, the “gift of nothing” bubble in a package? That is funny! It does sound like the perfect birthday, cute fishes on the cupcakes.

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    • Josef Havelka · March 17, 2018

      You can buy the gift of nothing. I did not receive it in that form, but it’s definitely something my family would’ve bought me.

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