Sunday Was Made for Walking

Today I wrote on our itinerary: “Walking Tour”. Which meant we were going to walk around and explore wherever the family wanted to go. We hit up a small grocery store nearby and grabbed some sushi and fruit for a picnic lunch.

The first place we wandered towards was back to the spot near the Tokyo Tower. I really wanted to see the Zōjō-ji Temple in the daytime. It was gorgeous. The building is fantastically preserved. We walked around before heading to the park next to it for lunch.

We found a shaded bench and enjoyed our lunch. Having a beer in public in Japan is completely acceptable. Who am I to not want to blend in? We bought cans of Asahi with lovely Cherry Blossoms on it since we are here to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms! During lunch we discussed what to do today. We had no big plans, so I suggested going to an arcade to play some video games.

We chose to walk the 5km with a plan on taking the train back. It seemed like a great idea at first. Using the pocket WiFi I had picked up- we all played Pokémon Go on our journey. Gotta catch ’em all! On our walk we also saw people on Mario Karts doing a tour.

After a long walk we made it to the High-tech Land Sega and enjoyed some games. Even though we can’t read Japanese- the kids figured out how to play by guessing and watching others. A good battle of Mario Kart ensued between them! We did terrible at the crane games, so we left and wandered over to the other arcade across the street.

You could smell the cigarette smoke before even walking in. It was an instant throwback to my youth. Hazy arcades filled with secondhand smoke. We didn’t last very long inside- not even long enough to play a game.

So we headed to the train to go back to the hotel. THE TRAIN WAS PACKED. But only for a couple of stops. Then it cleared out and we found some seats to relax in.

After we did a pit stop at our hotel, we headed out for our first Ramen of the trip. My wife has been kind enough to let me figure out everything on this trip. From the ticket machines at the train stations to ordering dinner at the Fukki Ramen- I’m guessing at what to do, and being pretty successful as it goes.

The Ramen was delicious and exactly what we needed to end our day. Full bellied and happy. We all had a good night sleep. Soon we will be off to find out next adventure!


  1. frazzledagain · March 26, 2018

    Yuor photos are awesome! The first one is so funny, you look like a giant for sure. The beer can is so pretty, as is your wife of course. It is amazing, the little things that make one country different from another.

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  2. tokyo5 · March 28, 2018

    >Having a beer in public in Japan is completely acceptable.

    Is it forbidden in Canada?


    • Josef Havelka · March 28, 2018

      It is not allowed out in the open. You can only enjoy alcohol in licensed places such as bars and restaurants. No sitting in a park to have a beer is allowed.

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      • tokyo5 · March 28, 2018

        Oh, that’s unfathomable! I’ve lived in Japan for most of my life now…Japan has become normal. I’m not used to (North) America anymore!
        I wrote this:

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        • Josef Havelka · March 28, 2018

          I love the train system in Tokyo. Efficient and reliable. When my wife and I retire- we are looking to move to a city and Tokyo has it all. But I don’t think we can just up and leave the Vancouver BC area. But we will definitely visit again. (Next time without the kids)

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