Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli was on our list of places to see for ages now. It took me months to get tickets for it. And we could only get a time slot of 16:00 to get in. Was it worth it? Yes.

The downside- no photos permitted inside the museum. Only the outside in the courtyard and garden. So we took advantage of that opportunity.

Inside the Museum was very interactive. And well maintained. It was so clean and pristinely well kept inside. Lots of art and descriptions of how the filming was done. Even old school 35mm style films were used in the demonstrations. (I felt like I was doing my projectionist job back at the theater.)

We also got to watch a short film called “Boro The Caterpillar”. No words or music in the movie, just sounds made by a person’s mouth. The audience laughed at the cuteness of the film. We each received a souvenir “movie ticket” with a small film cell inside. Pretty cool.

I also spent a small fortune in the gift shop because hey- when will we ever be back here? I amused some people with my arm full of soot sprites.

It was a great day that was filled with smiles and joy for the family. If you like Studio Ghibli- this Museum is for you.

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