Failed Frying to Fantastic Foods

Last year I wrote about my successes involving my Deep Fryer. To get there, I did have to suffer a few catastrophic trials. No injuries to myself mind you. There was that time my wife got a blister on her eyeball from an oil droplet flying at her. That was gross.

But it didn’t happen to me, so we will say it’s all good.

My failures have included food attempts. The first was when I was a teen. I thought it would be an easier way to make a grilled cheese sandwich by deep frying it.


The bread morphed into a crispy oil coral reef and the cheese disintegrated into the oil. Big fail. Never again. Not even worth trying to eat.

Another time, I attempted to make deep fried pancake wrapped breakfast sausage. This also failed because of too much batter and the oil overtook the pancake making it extremely greasy. Thank goodness I had other goodies that day to make.

But these failures won’t stop me from trying new foods to deep fry. I want to make deep fried California Rolls one day, just like my favorite Sushi Restaurant- Nikko Sushi– does. Mmmm deep fried sushi….

Tonight I am making schnitzel and using my deep fat fryer. I have perfected this recipe and my family loves it. So even though I have made mistakes along the way, I have had numerous successes as well.

But let’s pretend that a deep fried grilled cheese would taste good, ok? Or use this Secret to making a good grilled cheese. Trust me.

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