Vacationing is Healthy

Over Spring Break I shared our daily adventures while we were in Tokyo. I enjoyed it and tried to only share enough to make it a tease of how wonderful our vacation was. Yesterday I realized that is what a vacation is. A vacation is a little tease of the best parts of what the city/country has to offer.

Last night was my first shift back to work after having 18 days off. Of course a part of me wished my vacation had been longer. But the other part, the part of me that is more down-to-earth, knows that I need to go to work. Going to work helps in a couple of ways.

First- it pays for the vacation.

Second- it makes you appreciate the vacation more. Way more.

You go back to work after a vacation to share stories with coworkers and express how wonderful the time off was. Generally, you have a glow or a good vibe still exuded from your inner being. As the days move on, the glow starts to dissipate until you get to the point that You need a vacation again.

And that’s good. Vacations clear your mind. The boost your confidence. Be silly! Smile more! Be adventurous! Chances are you won’t see these people again, so live a little!

Vacationing also makes you feel like royalty. I found that on vacations I budget and allot a certain amount of spending cash. But there is still a sense of freedom and no real barriers holding your spending back. Want a steak dinner and champagne one night out in the big city? Go for it. Want to explore with a private tour guide- make it happen. Need a souvenir that is outrageously priced? Buy it. Your memories will thank you. Your wallet might not, but it’s only money.

Even just a weekend away on a nearby lake can give you the recharge you need. It hardly costs a thing to enjoy the sunshine and nature. But you need to have something to relate the good vibes to that make it that much more special. That thing is called “work.”

Soon, I’ll be looking forward to my next trip. However, my glow is still happening at the moment. No need to rush it away! I only just got back to my computer.

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