Bad Clicking

Usually when people talk about “clicking” they are referring to a website or something computer related. I have been having an experience for a bit over a month involving “bad clicking”. No, not from Facebook selling my info or the multitude of porn sites I access…

Turns out when I wake up- nearly every day the left side of my jaw clicks. A loud, almost painful click. It’s a strange sensation that stopped while we were in Tokyo. So it got me to thinking- what could be causing it?

Ever since I quit smoking about 13 years ago, I’ve chewed gum. I love chewing gum. But last year, my dentist suggested I stop the gum chewing. I wasn’t having any issues back then with my jaw, so I didn’t bother to stop. Once my jaw started clicking last month, I stopped chewing gum. But the clicking didn’t go away. I didn’t expect it to overnight, but it didn’t even calm down.

While I sleep, I’ve been wearing a mouth guard for a few years now to help prevent the grinding of my teeth that I do at night. So, I already knew I had some issues in my mouth. It doesn’t fully explain why my jaw stopped clicking while I was on vacation though. However, I may have figured it out last night.

My pillow.

That’s right. Time for some Pillow Talk.

Anyways, I think that the pillow I’m using at home- that I got for Christmas- is to blame. It’s just a run of the mill, cheap-ass pillow for sleeping. Before Christmas, I just wanted a new pillow because our old ones were getting kinda, well, old and yellow. So we got new pillows. Only, they suck at pillowing. Why do these new pillows suck at being pillows?

We discovered on our trip to Tokyo that the hotel had those contour, memory form pillows. And we had the best sleeps ever. I didn’t wake up with a click in my jaw. Could it be all because of a pillow? I think so.

Now the hunt is on to find a comfortable pillow- no matter the cost! I want a good sleep and a noiseless jaw. Oh, and I want to chew gum again.

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