Hey everybody! It’s marijuana smoking day! I do not partake, but I’m sure some of my readers/friends still do. I know that some do.

Last year I happened to be going through Weed, California on 4/20. So I stopped and took a picture at a rest area in memory of a friend who had taken his life in 2016. He was an active pot smoker and was trying to create some marijuana candy the summer before. If only he persevered through his depression, he could’ve made his hemp snacks a reality.

Another friend from high school ended up being a constituent for the Marijuana Party of BC in his local riding.

Back in 2011, I was as at The Center of the Universe. Perhaps I should’ve been high to really get the vibe, but I was stone cold sober.

What is it about 4/20 in 2018- now that marijuana is practically legal? (It still has a few steps to go to be “legal”.) For starters, 4/20 celebrations in Vancouver are almost unnecessary. It seems like more of an excuse to smoke up than ever before. I think people are missing the next step in legalization- the Government.

The government does not like people making money without getting their fair share. That means it’ll get taxed & heavily regulated. But for people who would like to grow a plant or two, taking a cut isn’t cool. It some cases, the regulation makes sense. Such as the Medical properties pot has to offer.

When my father was fighting cancer back in 1999- one of his friends gave him a bag of weed to help numb the pain. Pretty sure my father enjoyed it (without my mother’s knowledge). I know this because only a couple of years earlier when I was visiting my father- we talked about drugs. I was an avid pot smoker in my late teens/early 20’s and tried to get my dad to share a joint with me. Instead I ended up smoking with his friend, but my dad did talk about the drugs he’d had used in the past.

Smoking pot did stunt my education and career. I jumped from crappy job to crappy job just because I wanted no responsibilities. As Denis Leary once said- “They say marijuana leads to other drugs. No it doesn’t, it leads to fucking carpentry. That’s the problem, folks. People getting high going, “Wow man, this box would make an excellent bong!” It took me years to get back on track in with a good career. However, marijuana did play a large part in creating my personality. I think I’m more easygoing and creative than I would’ve been had I not tried pot.

I quit smoking pot just before I met my wife in 2000. No reason, just stopped. The use of pot just isn’t in my household. A discussion I had with a coworker recently made me think about how to broach the subject of drug use with my children. I’m still not sure how we will talk about it. Especially since we have a water pipe on display in our home.

Anyways… it’s 4:20. Enjoy the rest of the day- especially those of you in Vancouver. The weather is nice and it’s a Friday afternoon.

Everyone else, chill out. The world needs calming down- today is as good a day as any.

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