Hey everybody! It’s marijuana smoking day! I do not partake, but I’m sure some of my readers/friends still do. I know that some do.

Last year I happened to be going through Weed, California on 4/20. So I stopped and took a picture at a rest area in memory of a friend who had taken his life in 2016. He was an active pot smoker and was trying to create some marijuana candy the summer before. If only he persevered through his depression, he could’ve made his hemp snacks a reality.

Another friend from high school ended up being a constituent for the Marijuana Party of BC in his local riding.

Back in 2011, I was as at The Center of the Universe. Perhaps I should’ve been high to really get the vibe, but I was stone cold sober.

What is it about 4/20 in 2018- now that marijuana is practically legal? (It still has a few steps to go to be “legal”.) For starters, 4/20 celebrations in Vancouver are almost unnecessary. It seems like more of an excuse to smoke up than ever before. I think people are missing the next step in legalization- the Government.

The government does not like people making money without getting their fair share. That means it’ll get taxed & heavily regulated. But for people who would like to grow a plant or two, taking a cut isn’t cool. It some cases, the regulation makes sense. Such as the Medical properties pot has to offer.

When my father was fighting cancer back in 1999- one of his friends gave him a bag of weed to help numb the pain. Pretty sure my father enjoyed it (without my mother’s knowledge). I know this because only a couple of years earlier when I was visiting my father- we talked about drugs. I was an avid pot smoker in my late teens/early 20’s and tried to get my dad to share a joint with me. Instead I ended up smoking with his friend, but my dad did talk about the drugs he’d had used in the past.

Smoking pot did stunt my education and career. I jumped from crappy job to crappy job just because I wanted no responsibilities. As Denis Leary once said- “They say marijuana leads to other drugs. No it doesn’t, it leads to fucking carpentry. That’s the problem, folks. People getting high going, “Wow man, this box would make an excellent bong!” It took me years to get back on track in with a good career. However, marijuana did play a large part in creating my personality. I think I’m more easygoing and creative than I would’ve been had I not tried pot.

I quit smoking pot just before I met my wife in 2000. No reason, just stopped. The use of pot just isn’t in my household. A discussion I had with a coworker recently made me think about how to broach the subject of drug use with my children. I’m still not sure how we will talk about it. Especially since we have a water pipe on display in our home.

Anyways… it’s 4:20. Enjoy the rest of the day- especially those of you in Vancouver. The weather is nice and it’s a Friday afternoon.

Everyone else, chill out. The world needs calming down- today is as good a day as any.

Hot Stuff

Again we are having issues with our downstairs heat. Last November we had a few days where the Thermostat was acting up. This time the upstairs is nice and warm, but our downstairs went super hot- now frigid. Both areas run from the same boiler. I can’t for the life of me figure out what is going on.

I love being able to do my own troubleshooting and repairs. I learned a lot when I worked at Home Depot and love the challenges of owning a home. But I’m ready to throw in the towel on this one. I just can’t decide if I should do it now or at the end of summer.

I think we will just have to suffer for a bit until the summer. We still have a fireplace and lots of blankets! Time to get cozy.

Jigsaw Puzzles

I used to do jigsaw puzzles all the time. I even kept some of my puzzles from when I was a small child. Not the baby easy ones, but the couple thousand piece ones. The ones that most people work on over the course of a month or so.

As I grew older, I began to do 3D puzzles with my wife. These are the kind with a foam backing to make a monument or building. My favorite 3D puzzles are the Monopoly board and Millennium Falcon. However, my wife and I have very different strategies when doing puzzles. So over the past couple of years, we haven’t done many together.

I enjoy marathoning through the puzzles. I like to time myself and see how quickly I can get them done. My wife on the other hand enjoys a leisurely pace of sitting down to work a few pieces, then come back to it later on. Not me- I want it done! I have refused to go to bed until a Puzzle is completed. Our son is the same way.

Today I put together a puzzle we picked up from Japan. It was from a Studio Ghibli store and is an image of one of our favorite movies- “My Neighbor Totoro”. It only had 300 pieces and took my just under 2 hours to put together. The challenge in this puzzle was that the pieces were clear plastic. Flipping them and trying to gauge the tint in colour was tough at first. Then my brain picked up on the nuances of the shades.

After I finished the puzzle, I stuck it in a frame we had purchased with it and hung it up on our back window. The completed picture is beautiful and suits its new home. It compliments the backdrop and in the morning with shimmer with the incoming sun.

Maybe next time we go to Tokyo we will pick up some more so that my family can make them.

Desperate For Company

Next Wednesday I leave for Calgary Expo. I’m taking my 11 year old son and we are driving 10 hours from our home to get there. This is immediately after I finish a 12 hour night shift. By the time we get there, I’ll have been awake for over 24 hours. I’m not too excited about that aspect of the road trip…

This year, my wife cannot attend as she is only a couple of weeks into her new job. Because she booked for the show last year, we have a couple of tickets and a place already booked. At the show, my son and I will be able to wander a bit since we have many Convention Carny friends whom we trust that can look after our table. So now I’m trying to find a friend to come with me to share the driving duties. I have to make it through the mountains to the other side.

So I’ve tried to see if my friends on social media want to join me. I’m practically begging. I love my son and his company, but really shouldn’t let him drive the car.

But if it doesn’t pan out, I may have to find a Rest Area and take a quick power nap to recharge my batteries. Pretty sure Alberta has some nice Rest Areas.

I’m looking forward to the show no matter what. I have tons of good friends to see again. If I don’t hear from any of my other friends- it’ll be time to stock up on Red Bull and Coffee!

After Market Accessorizing

I’ve owned my car for about a year and a half now. I have given my car an oil change and put aftermarket air in the tires. Time to start thinking about adding a bit more flair to it.

My stickers were the first addition. Just to make it more “Star Wars-y“. Because, well I’m kind of a fan of the franchise.

Now I have a set of metal dice hanging from the passenger side visor. I don’t know what else I can add to my car. Maybe it’s time for a steering wheel cover or license plate frame. Or something ridiculous like a door light.

Ok, those are cool. Hmmm…. or I could go very crazy and change the look of my car:

I could sport one of these! Or just buy another sticker… I could afford that aftermarket addition.

Another Birthday!

Everyone who is alive has a birthday. However, not every birthday gets a grandiose celebration. And that’s ok.

Today is our middle child’s 14th Birthday. We are just doing a casual dinner and giving her a couple of gifts. No big party or anything. Just a little bit of recognition. Next weekend she wants to take a couple of her friends bowling. I’ll be taking her because my wife doesn’t like bowling. A carload of young teens laughing and singing is always a treat.

I hope she understands that not every birthday is a crazy gala event. Sometimes that’s hard to explain this to a teenager/ child, especially when movies and tv shows portray things differently.

I think her birthday will still be special in its own way. It’s having her around that is the best gift. She always makes us smile and laugh. These first fourteen years have just flown by. I still remember her being so tiny that I could cradle her on the length of my arm. I miss that little baby some days. But I love who she is growing up to be.

Happy Birthday Darwin.

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Bad Clicking

Usually when people talk about “clicking” they are referring to a website or something computer related. I have been having an experience for a bit over a month involving “bad clicking”. No, not from Facebook selling my info or the multitude of porn sites I access…

Turns out when I wake up- nearly every day the left side of my jaw clicks. A loud, almost painful click. It’s a strange sensation that stopped while we were in Tokyo. So it got me to thinking- what could be causing it?

Ever since I quit smoking about 13 years ago, I’ve chewed gum. I love chewing gum. But last year, my dentist suggested I stop the gum chewing. I wasn’t having any issues back then with my jaw, so I didn’t bother to stop. Once my jaw started clicking last month, I stopped chewing gum. But the clicking didn’t go away. I didn’t expect it to overnight, but it didn’t even calm down.

While I sleep, I’ve been wearing a mouth guard for a few years now to help prevent the grinding of my teeth that I do at night. So, I already knew I had some issues in my mouth. It doesn’t fully explain why my jaw stopped clicking while I was on vacation though. However, I may have figured it out last night.

My pillow.

That’s right. Time for some Pillow Talk.

Anyways, I think that the pillow I’m using at home- that I got for Christmas- is to blame. It’s just a run of the mill, cheap-ass pillow for sleeping. Before Christmas, I just wanted a new pillow because our old ones were getting kinda, well, old and yellow. So we got new pillows. Only, they suck at pillowing. Why do these new pillows suck at being pillows?

We discovered on our trip to Tokyo that the hotel had those contour, memory form pillows. And we had the best sleeps ever. I didn’t wake up with a click in my jaw. Could it be all because of a pillow? I think so.

Now the hunt is on to find a comfortable pillow- no matter the cost! I want a good sleep and a noiseless jaw. Oh, and I want to chew gum again.

Walmart is Ugh

I went shopping today at Walmart.

I hated it.

I don’t like Walmart.

I prefer to go to local produce and grocery stores for my meats and vegetables. So I don’t buy that stuff at Walmart.

But when I want cheaply made goods at cheap prices from a brick and mortar store- Walmart is it. It’s instant gratification and I have my plastic crap in my possession.

Otherwise, most of my shopping is online. Amazon is pretty good for most of my needs. I don’t really need stuff immediately, so I can wait.

Ugh. Walmart.

This place is just so bright with artificial lighting and sketchy people. What if I’m the sketchy person? Not today Walmart. Not today am I the sketchy one. There’s a toddler steaming at the checkout line with purple lips from a can of soda… Even the employees are kinda not all there as the huddle in groups until a customer tries to approach. Then they scatter like cockroaches.

Ugh. Get me out of here.

Oh look! A deal on paper-towels and WWE t-shirts!

Time to leave. Ooo McDonald’s is in here as well…


Shared Cloud- A New Way to Parent?

About a month ago, I got myself a new cellphone. So I pulled the SIM card out of my old one and gave it to my son. Now he can play apps, take photos, and access the Internet.


I chose to keep it connected to my iCloud account. Mostly to keep an eye on his online behavior and such. Of our children, he seems to be the one more prone to finding inappropriate things online. I’m not gonna lie- Part of that is my fault.

I don’t sensor what I say around my children. I also watch movies/ tv with our children that have a much stronger content rating than PG. (I do feel that an “R” rating in the 80’s and 90’s is much tamer than today’s standards.) Toilet humor is funny, so watching shows like Rick and Morty are something I share with my son. It also allows me to explain certain things if he has questions instead of “hearing it on the playground” like I had to growing up.

Sharing “The Cloud” is good. He knows I see what he sees and he can also see what I see- including saved photos. It has made me realize that some of my Memes are more questionable than they should be. My own moral compass is shifting.

So as I parent my son, he is also making me a better person.

Even if he does leave me messages to “Tuck Your Balls In.


I enjoy writing in my blog. Some people enjoy reading it. I like getting “Likes” from complete strangers as well. It makes me feel good. Like as if what I am sharing is worthwhile.

Sometimes what I write is beneficial to other people. Perhaps they can draw on my experiences. Or perhaps they come to laugh at my stupidity (like the time I Broke my cellphone). I like to think that they read my blogs because I make people feel good.

So if you like my musings, like my blog. That’s it. I like it when you like me. I don’t earn any money from the likes. Just a little ego boost.

I like that.