Just Too Tired To Care

Since my wife has been training for her new job, I have been taking on the duty of picking up the kids from school. The hardest part is that it happens to be right at the tail end of my sleep before going to a night shift. I like to make sure I get as much sleep as possible every “day”. So I need to maximize my time.

This means that I get out of bed at the last possible moment and drive to get my children from school. I don’t generally get out of the car, so I have resorted to staying in my pajamas. That way when I get back home, I crawl back into bed and get another hour or so of much needed sleep.

I could get up and change into a pair of pants and a T-shirt, but that requires time and effort. So now my kids are used to their dad being a lazy bum. They know to be ready for me as soon as the bell rings, otherwise I will exit the car to find them. Good times… good times.

To all the parents out there that care about their kids- We’re all in it together, so just be comfortable and enjoy life. Your children will be embarrassed by you anyhow, might as well live it up and delight in a bit of eccentricity.

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