Blockbuster Movies 2018

This is the first year I have been excited about movies in a very long time. We went to see Avengers as a family and it was great. I’ve already bought advanced tickets to a couple of upcoming films as well.

I’m taking my wife next Thursday to the VIP Cinema to watch Deadpool 2 with a couple of our friends. I enjoy the VIP since it is for adults only. Where they have comfy seats, serve beer and there are no children. Always a good way to enjoy a film such as Deadpool 2.

The Thursday after, I am taking the family to see Solo: A Star Wars Story. I’m excited about this one. Because STAR WARS! But also because it is the first branching off to show a back story of a beloved character. If this one is good, I expect more similar films (with potential crossovers like in the MCU).

Later this summer is Incredibles 2. The first one was a blast, and I like the idea of superheroes having regular struggles in everyday life as well as being heroes.

Jurassic World 2 looks like a fun campy ride. The first one really brought back the feel of the original Jurassic Park. I will see this no matter what, because Dino-sours!

There are many more films coming up this summer and I will be spending money at the VIP, the drive-in and the local IMAX. I hope to enjoy them with friends and family!

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