Friends For a Lifetime

On Friday I messaged an old friend. The week before, I messaged another old friend. Every week I try and contact someone I don’t normally speak with with. Someone who I don’t see as much as I once did. Usually I get a response. I don’t impose a fake “let’s get together” message. I just send a quick note saying, “hey buddy- just thinking of you.”

Using Facebook is a great way to see how everyone is doing. Sometimes the status updates make me want to just reach out and say “hey.”

I don’t like losing friends. In fact, most people I knew or know, end up being in my life for a long time. Sometimes it’s nostalgic reasons, sometimes I just value seeing what they are up to. I hate losing friends though. It’s always hard to see that come to an end.

But if a friendship ends, there must be a reason. I don’t dwell on it the way I once did ten years ago- when I first got on Facebook. Now I just let it end without guilt or questioning why. There have even been occasional instances where I’ve had to end a friendship on social media. It takes quite a bit for me to pull the plug. But it is known to happen.

Social media is a great way to stay in touch. It’s a good way to peer into a person’s life without having to expect much in return. I hope people don’t expect much from me these days… But I will randomly say something to them.

I wonder who I should message tomorrow?

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