The “Not-So-Secret” Secret To A Good BBQ

BBQ season is here! Flames, food, and friends. I love to barbecue. I have gotten pretty good at making food. Here are the secrets I utilize:

First a decent grill. Mine is okay and has five lengthwise individual burners. Prefect for when you need to use indirect heat for food such as brisket or ribs. Keeping good care of your grill is important as well. I always scrape the grills after they cool off and again before I start my meal. A few times a season I also clean the bottom of the barbecue of any crispy bits.

Next is taking the time to cook your meals. I like to start at a high heat in order to get a nice grill mark. I also add a third of a turn in order to create a “diamond grill mark”. The high heat is done within the first 2 minutes. Then I turn the heat down to medium or low depending on what I’m cooking. Usually I flip at this point in order to get a quick grill mark on the opposite side. Then cook slow and steady.

The biggest secret is having people to share the food with. I love serving friends and family. Here’s to good food and good times!


  1. Kayo Chang Black · May 13, 2018

    Derek and I are very fortunate that we have a rooftop in Hong Kong… and a grill too! We should swap some bbq tips one of these days! x

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