My Pleasure

“My Pleasure”

I learned that quote from my Disney Training back in my days of the movie theater. (I also learned a four finger point, but that’s not important here). I still use the term “My Pleasure” everyday. No matter what type of interaction I have. It is one of my favorite sayings instead of “You’re welcome.” or “No Problem.”

Here’re the reasons such a phrase works well as a response to them saying, “Thank You.”. “You’re Welcome.” Implies that the actions fall solely on the other person.

“No Problem.” Is forcing a negative connotation into your response. People hear the first word and it creates a poor emotional response.

“My Pleasure.” Shows that you care about what you are doing for the other person.

I recently had a “Chat Conversation” with an Apple representative. He used the term “My Pleasure” three times during it. In the the end he was very helpful, so I kept the conversation upbeat. Using positive terminology helped in getting my issue resolved quickly and efficiently.

What I have learned is that using positivity gets positive results.

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