Sibling Fight Club

I’d love to say that my kids are angels. But that’s a lie. They can be well behaved and loving most of the time… towards my wife and I. To each other- that’s a whole other story.

It seems that they like to fight with one another. Majority of the time is when mom and dad aren’t around. It also happens to involve our son 99% of the time. He is the youngest and still thrives for attention- even if it is negative.

He’s getting a bit too mean lately. Which in turn means he gets in more trouble than his older sisters. I almost wonder if they provoke him a bit… nah, those girls are perfect angels.


I lie. They are vicious as well.

I have yet to witness it, but I have heard rumors of fists flying from each of them. I remember having some good blowouts with my sister. This is just what happens as kids grow up. It’s normal.



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