Rocking “The Dad Look”

Today I am going out into the world as a fashion model for fathers around the globe. I am showing off “The Dad Look” by just being me. Let us break this look down, shall we?

First note is of the entire ensemble. Light tones with a dark belt and the hair parted to the side. Use of hair spray recommended to keep this aspect of the look in place. Day old facial hair scruff and a slight gut says to the world, “It’s my weekend. Time to unwind standing by the barbecue or on the golf course.”

Let’s take an even closer look at the clothes and accessories that complete the perfect “Dad Look” for 2018:

Take note of the lovely diamond earrings. These symbolize the freedom of your lost youth and the yesteryears’ spending of money on oneself prior to having children. This was probably the last time you could Treat yo’ self without guilt setting in. It’s also good to note that Diamonds really are forever, since you’ve been wearing them regularly for at least a decade now. Their sparkle is fading as well since you don’t clean them as much as you once did.

Next we need to add a splash of cool while sticking to a budget.

For the perfect outfit, you need to hit up the local VV Boutique (aka Value Village Thrift Store). Purchase for yourself a brand new short sleeved, button up, baby blue and light yellow plaid shirt and a pair of linen pants (both with original store tags on) that were clearly donated with you in mind. This will keep a Dad looking unimposing and unattractive to all women while on the school grounds or park. Should another father appear, you will be easy to bond with them because they should be wearing a similar fashion.

What better way to accessorize the shirt and pants than with a pair of blue tinted sunglasses you got for free with a cheap bottle of vodka? Remember to keep them hanging off your breast pocket because those glasses sit crooked on your face- and it’s so much better to squint at the sun than have your head look lopsided.

To finish off the proper “Dad Look” of 2018, you need to show off your fun side. Here’s where you add the Mickey Mouse watch that you got from a previous trip to Disneyland with the family. All those fun memories come flooding back as you check the time throughout your day.

This is what it means to be a Dad- so you may as well rock the look all summer.

Of course later in the summer you will need to break out the cargo shorts and knock-off Birkenstock sandals (wearing optional white socks are permitted). So stay fashionable old man!

Have a great Father’s Day!

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