Bite Me

The other day I complained about mosquitoes and how we try to keep them away in my post Bug Off. But of course, we are bound to get bitten.

Two nights ago, those blood suckers got me all over my back. They either sucked through my shirt or somehow flew up it. Either way, my back was tremendously itchy. I went inside to get ready for bed and wanted some relief. We don’t have any calamine lotion or anti-itch creams, so I pulled out an old “Home Remedy” hack. And it worked almost instantly.


Original Listerine to be precise. I found the small spray bottle we had used a few years ago for lice. Ya, lice. Those horrible bugs that infest children’s hair. Anyway, we had the Listerine in a spray bottle (btw: that hack worked-no more lice) so I spritzed my bug bites. As I said, instant relief. This was a “Life hack” I had Read about years ago and tried it finally.

I recommend the original Listerine. There is no sugar or sweet smells added. I also love having original around, compared to the others, for soothing a sore throat. I also used it to keep my tongue clean after getting it pierced two decades ago.

That’s really it. Just apply the Listerine to the affected bug bite areas and everything will be better. Some people also claim it to be a good bug repellent, but I have yet to try that. All I can say is hooray for life hacks!

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