Clue: The Movie

The other night I gave my family a choice of films. I also shared this picture on social media to see what others thought as well:

It was fairly unanimous to watch “Clue” with “Austin Powers” getting a close second vote. It actually surprised me that so many of f my friends like the film “Clue“. After some research online I discovered that the film garnered a cult following after being in the theater.

Clue” was one of the first films I remember renting on video from the local store. I loved it. Tim Curry became a humor icon for me. I also fell in love with Rocky Horror Picture Show. But the way that he portrayed the Butler was great.

“Clue” has three endings that were out in the theater. It was a gimmicky way to get more people into the theater back in 1985. All three seemed plausible when you watch the film. I have the DVD and you can select to have the DVD choose one at random or watch all three.

I love the film. My family really enjoyed it as well. The kids talked about it afterwards. The scenes and the music helped to tell the film. 33 years later and the film holds up. Some of the best burns and one liners are delivered so perfectly in the film. If you haven’t seen it, or it’s been a while, it should be a must watch retro film. There are some great subtleties that are also fun facts. Like the characters and their cars are the same colours as the board game.

What surprised me about the film was that the kids loved it. It made me realize that there are films out there that aren’t always BLOCKBUSTERS but still worthwhile watching.

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