Extended Family Visit

Today I am traveling with my two youngest to visit my sister and her family. We are only going for a couple of nights, but the journey takes us a bit. At least an hour drive from our home to Horseshoe Bay to catch the first of two ferries. But traffic wasn’t being helpful in the first part of this journey.

We missed the 1pm ferry and had to wait for the next one at 2:20pm. While we waited, we played some “Knowledge Is Power” in the car. It’s an app for our iPhones as well as a game we enjoy on the PS4 at home. It really tests your knowledge on everything. Missing the earlier ferry means we will be delayed to get the next one which is just over an hour drive from the first.

It was a hot one outside. So I ended up turning the car on a couple of times to crank the AC while we waited. It seemed as well that people were talking a lot about the weather on social media. It’s pretty normal when the weather has extreme changes. I love seeing the outdoors of BC on a sunny day. Everything is a beautiful green and blue.

The ferry ride through the Georgia Straight is alluring. My daughter and son took numerous photos of the scenery as well as a few time lapse videos of us moving along the water. I think they are getting ready to make another fan music video like they did for our trip to Japan. Check it out here: Big in Japan

Theory and Darwin are looking forward to seeing their cousins again. It’s been almost a year since the last time we saw them. Even though it feels like they live pretty close, taking two ferries is expensive and time consuming. Which is why I’m only taking two of my kids while my wife and oldest are staying home.

It should end up being a pleasant visit with my sister. I brought back some books she leant us, and we may grab a few new ones from her. Time for some rest and relaxation with no worries for the next couple days.

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