Don’t Misbehave

One of my favorite Antonio Banderas lines from a film is “Don’t Misbehave” from the film Four Rooms.

As I prepare to leave for five days with my two youngest to a cabin, I am reminded of this phrase. We will be on the side of a lake in close quarters with my friend and his two kids. There will be lots of fun and I’m sure some agitation as well. It’s only natural when you cram four kids and two adult men into a cabin for a few days.

Pretty sure the kids will get themselves into a bit of trouble. Nothing major mind you. Just enough that these dads will shake their heads at the stupidity.

Honestly, I was young once. In fact my friend and I grew up together and have known each other since kindergarten back in 1981. I mentioned him last year in Grilled. Our sons are the same age as each other and are good friends as well.

My buddy and I did some stupid stuff growing up. I’m almost certain our sons will as well. In the end it’ll all be fun.

Now we are off to adventure!

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