Breaking a Bad Routine or Two

I never realized that I had a routine. One that many of us fall victim to. An addiction.

Ugh. The word “Addiction” is so horrible sounding. I personally picture heroin junkies whenever the word is spoken. But that’s not the only thing I imagine-

I see myself. And that sucks.

The Oatmeal nails it.

Last month I took a Break From Social Media. It felt good. However, on September 1st, just after midnight, I spent the good portion of an hour catching up on Facebook and Instagram. The Fear Of Missing Out won me over after 31 days.

I’m still refusing to use the social media platforms unless I’m on WiFi. I’ve also tucked them away in a folder on my phone to keep them more out of sight. Gotta stop opening the apps when quiet takes over…

Perhaps I can one day push myself into the Joy Of Missing Out. Not all of it is important. Most of it isn’t. But what if it is…? Dammit- gotta stop second guessing myself.

No mo’ FOMO.

Joe needs JOMO.

Like a MOFO.

It’s not my only vice however.

Jimmy Fallon hits this one dead on.

I also see beer. I enjoy beer drinking, perhaps more often than I should. I looked at my bank account for the summer and saw where a lot of my money was going. I was not impressed with myself. I went back and looked at some of my pictures as well and saw that every few days, I had a beer raised up. It really got me thinking about what I could do.

Sober September

Sober September

My wife suggested that maybe it’s time for a Sober September. So I’ll give it a go. It’ll be good for my health and wealth. Time to clear out the cobwebs and focus on my health a bit more.

I’m not perfect. But acknowledging my flaws will help to make me a better person. Right?


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