Internal Battles

Everyone has a battle they are fighting. It doesn’t mean one is harder than the other. People put weight and merit on different aspects of their lives. But we all fight something.

I have had family and friends fight cancer. Some have lost. Such as my father who deteriorated over 3 years after diagnosis. Some have fought and made it through and found a renewed sense of adventure in life.

There are also people battling depression or mental illness. I see it all the time now. I’ve also lost friends and coworkers to this and it’s still shocking each time. I don’t know the right way to help those people. I go through bouts myself and have a tough time finding the happiness carrot. But I know it’s there. Somewhere for each of us to find it.

All I can say is reach out and help one another- no matter what the battle is. Sometimes a friendly phone call or text can brighten someone’s day.

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