Pass It On

We were going through some old trinket holders that we had on our bookshelf. My wife and I have always loved dragons and gargoyles, so when were first got together we would search out these fantasy items and gift them to each other. We ended up with a few of these trinket tins within our first few years together. Inside were some memories that we had locked away only to be discovered this past weekend.

Inside one of our Dragon tins were a couple of necklaces and a photo of our first born from 16 years ago. One of the necklaces was filled with “Fairy Dust” and the other was of a tiny gargoyle holding a crystal ball. Super neat and I kind of wonder if our kids will ever like them…

Inside our next box was some old rolling papers, some tags and my brass zippo lighter. You can probably guess my old lifestyle from a couple of lifetimes ago. Even the rolling papers were from before I met my wife in 2000. This was before the “3 M’s” took over my life:




The biggest surprise to me was that my Zippo lighter was still in my possession.

I have had this Zippo since I was about fifteen years old. I would walk the halls of my high school opening and closing the lighter.



This was my “Fidget” item of the mid-1900’s. My friends and I each had one. Mine was a brass one, my best friend at the time had a stainless steel one, another buddy had a flat black one, and we had that one friend who had a pot leaf emblem on his. Hmmm….

My friends and I each kept our Zippos on our person at all times. You know that little pocket in your Levi’s Jeans? The perfect fit for a Zippo. It can also used for pocket watches- of which I have a few.

When my son discovered my Zippo Lighter, he was immediately drawn to it. I showed him how to do a “top pop” squeeze to open the lighter. It took me a few tries, but just like riding a bike- it became easier after each time. For the rest of the afternoon all we could hear from my son was the familiar:



As he opened and shut the lighter. After dinner I rummaged through my tool cabinet and found my old half full Zippo fluid container and a flint. I showed my son how to fill the lighter and explained each part to him. He was super eager to learn and was even more excited when he lit the flame for the first time.

He wants to polish the lighter and make it shiny again. I guess it’s considered a vintage lighter now being that it’s a little over 25 years old. Crazy. But he likes it.

And in true Dad Joke style, I am ending this post By passing him the torch.


  1. fernish · September 17, 2018

    That’s such a lovely story, and I’m sure your son is going to treasure the zippo and the memory of you showing him its mysterious ways.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Josef Havelka · September 17, 2018

      Thank you so much. He’s fiddling with the Zippo every chance he gets. I’ve had to tell him he can’t take it to school though. 😇


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