Too Much Time On My Hands

This year I have had too much vacation time.

Shut the front door! How can someone have too much time off?

Well it seems I may have. I never thought it was possible. I was lucky enough to have some of my vacation carried over from previous years. As if my regular five weeks off wasn’t enough. But I have also had three extra weeks that I have enjoyed as well this year.

What are you complaining about!?

I’ve enjoyed the freedom of relaxing and traveling this year. With a whirlwind of trips including Tokyo, Calgary, Leavenworth, Bridge Lake and 20 Mile Bay. I feel as if I was destined to travel.

Today we are off to Disneyland. The hardest part isn’t my time off. The problem is returning to work. All this time off is getting me to plan for retirement. Which is in 15 years. Which is going to come damn fast if I keep working.

While at work I look forward to my next vacation. While on vacation- I do not think about work. It’s pretty awesome. But I don’t ever want to return to work. That’s the new dilemma. All my extra time has spoiled me.

It’s just too much time off.

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