Season Transition

The past couple of days have felt like utter chaos in my home. I feel like I have to make a mess and clean it up before I make another mess. Does that make sense?

These past few days go like this:

Take down Halloween decorations and put them in storage.

Take out stuff in storage and decide what to give away.

Take out Christmas decorations and return storage stuff back into storage.

In our home, the transition from Halloween to Christmas has already begun. Some may say it’s too early for Christmas decorating. Pshaw. Our home looks amazing when done up for Christmas, so why wouldn’t I want it to last longer?

Problem is I’m home for a week and really wanted to do some painting and some final touches to complete our home. What I have done is make a big mess. Clearing out closets and storage areas trying to revamp the look and feel of our home. As well as getting a collection of donation goods and clothes for give away. Decluttering our home is an ongoing process.

But so are home improvements. My staycation is making me tired. At least the Christmas lights are up outside!

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