Cavity Search

After ten years, my dentist discovered that I have a cavity forming. But he wanted to watch it to see if it was going to get worse. Two years went by and not much change. But my dentist has decided to work on it anyways.

I booked this spot during my vacation. So I get to enjoy the morning in the Dentist’s office. Early start so that the rest of my day won’t be shot. Speaking of which- this was the second needle getting stabbed into me this week.

As my face became numb, I listened to the dentist and all of his dentistry gossip. While he worked on my tooth I almost dozed off. No, he never put me under- I just get that relaxed and bored. The drill sound and vibration in my skull is mesmerizing to me.

After my tooth was fixed, I was back to my home renovations. Not the best vacation but definitely a productive one.

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