Chop Chop

Last week a tree fell in our yard during a Wind storm. Luckily no real damage occurred to our home. But we needed to do something with the tree.

The day after Christmas, my brother in law brought over his chainsaw and bucked up the tree. I moved the wood afterwards closer to our wood shed in order to cut it up.

Yesterday, I showed our 12 year old son how to swing an axe. He assisted in chopping up the logs for us. As much as he complained, he enjoyed the satisfaction of a good clean cut.

At the beginning of December, the neighbor across the street had cut down some of his trees. He was kind enough to bring over a few loads with his tractor to our carport. Since my son and I were finished with the fallen tree, we began to chop up the wood given to us. After a couple of hours, we were sore and tired. It felt as though we barely made a dent in the donated wood.

By the time we finish cutting the wood later this weekend and stacking it in our wood shed to dry, it should be enough to last us through next winter. Chances are that during the summer, we may cut down a couple more trees in our yard. That should give us another few years of heating our home and adding to the ambiance of country life.

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