Music Of The Night

Every so often I throw on one of the soundtracks to a musical that we own. I have always loved show tunes and movies that incorporate music to tell a story. My first memory of enjoying a musical was “Annie” back in 1982. I recall sitting in the back of the station wagon facing the window humming one of the tunes.

The first stage performance I saw was “The Phantom of the Opera” at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver. Sometime around 1989. It was grand. I saw it again a couple years later. It was still just as good. In between I saw performances of “Cats” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”. I was on an Andrew Lloyd Webber kick.

My other favorite was “Les Miserables”. This one was darker and not as magical. But the story moved me as a teenager. Years later, I would go to see a live performance again. This time, when my wife was pregnant with our first child. I took her on a date to see this show, again performing at the QE, it was our one and only fancy date that we have been on.

Our kids grew up enjoying Disney movies. Many of which have great musical numbers. One our trips to Disneyland, we almost always went to see “Aladdin” performed live. In October we saw “Frozen”. Our kids love these shows.

I’d like to take them to a show sometime soon that is more Broadway than Disney. I know that they would appreciate it. Especially since our kids attend the Fine Arts School and have an immense appreciation of music and acting and the work that goes into it all. As well as the fact that they know many of the songs already after hearing the soundtracks played.

Just like the main title song suggests from that one musical, “GO GO GO JOSEPH!”


  1. mphtheatregirl · February 28, 2019

    I was raised on musicals- I am 25 now.

    I saw BOTH musical movies and musicals in person since elementary school.

    Middle School was a turning point. Age 12: my mom and I went to NYC. One thing we did was go to Broadway. The two of us saw Wicked. That musical did spark my love for musicals.

    College- 2013: Les Mis turned my love of musicals into a passion. Wicked and Les Mis share the spot for favorite musicals. To be honest, Les Mis wouldn’t have been in my life if it wasn’t for Wicked.

    If I wasn’t raised on musicals, I wouldn’t have become a musical theatre fanatic. Other musicals I love include Beauty and the Beast, Newsies, Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music, Annie, Pippin, South Pacific, Fiddler on the Roof, Music Man, etc

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    • Josef Havelka · February 28, 2019

      Sometimes I wish life had more musical interludes! I can’t wait to take my kids to New York to hit up Broadway.


      • mphtheatregirl · February 28, 2019

        At least I have the tours- thankful for them. Without them- would be much harder to be a musical theatre fanatic. Charlotte, my hometown, is a major theatre touring city

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