Do A Barrel Roll

Friday was a day of yard work. My daughter even helped me set up a couple of planters and some new drainage.

I picked up a couple of half whiskey barrels on sale. Our daughter drilled some drainage holes for me. Afterwards we placed them on either side of our carport. We put some styrofoam about half full followed by some drainage stones and soil.

I dug up a couple of ferns and some vines we had in our yard and transplanted them into the pots. My daughter and I removed the downspouts and set up something different.

My daughter and I cleaned up some old chains and spray painted them gloss black. We hung the chains from the copper spouts and into the planters. We added some stones on top of the soil to help keep the dirt from washing away. Having the chains go from the downspouts will help to drain the water from our roof and keep the pine needles from clogging up the drainage. The final result also changed the look of our home tremendously.

As a small celebration, I enjoyed some “Barrel of Sunshine” afterwords. Having a shot helped me to appreciate the hard work being done all day. I’m excited to possibly try this in other areas of our home.

How is your garden growing these days? Ever plant a whiskey barrel before? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Salem Bishop · April 20, 2019

    My husband is obsessed with Jack Daniels and saw some already made Jack Daniels barrel planters at Home Depot last year. He tried to convince me to get one even though we didn’t have a house last year haha. They have them again this year and we do have a house, but I don’t think I could stand the smell of it! I could smell the barrels as soon as I walked into the garden center before I even saw them.

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    • Josef Havelka · April 20, 2019

      JD barrels? Those do sound great! The ones I picked up had a slight odor, but when I drilled into them- it became very pungent. I love the look of the barrels as planters. It fits in nicely for our home in the countryside.

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