Having an acre full of trees and bushes is wonderful. The lush abundance of nature is tranquil and serene. As well, we have a sense of privacy from our neighbors which is fantastic. The only problem is the upkeep of the yard.

But we have two times of the year that we can really tackle and take back the yard- October and April. That’s because we get to burn all the dead branches and leaves. My wife claims it to be the best yard work job to do. In other words- she loves destroying with fire!

Burning Season means we also get the entire family out in the yard to help. Cutting branches, ripping out brambles, pulling out invasive plants… All of which gets tossed onto the fire. My wife likes to take full advantage of the weather and her days off in order to make a big dent in the landscaping. Next month we will be maintaining what we planted as well as basic chores.

I enjoy the final results. After a hard day of yard work, you just want to sit and relax. I have come to be using our wheelbarrow as a seat now. I chill with a cold beverage and watch the fire as it winds down. A great opportunity to reflect on life. A fire pit and the sun setting on our abode ends the day.


  1. Salem Bishop · April 25, 2019

    Good luck with your burning. I feel like I have an acre of yard this year. It’s our first spring in the new house and the previous owners didn’t do a lick of yard work (including mowing the lawn) for 6 years other than to pile entire chopped/fallen down trees in the far corner of the yard. 😣 If there weren’t trees overhead I would have doused it in gas and lit the entire pile on fire haha. Also they had chickens 🐥🐥🐥 so the whole yard is torn up and full of ankle breaking potholes.

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    • Josef Havelka · April 25, 2019

      Yardwork feels like torture while doing it. But those final results are all worthwhile. Especially when you get to hang out on a beautiful summer day with friends and family. Good luck with your yard!

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