Carving Up An Education

Our middle child entered grade nine back in September. The one thing about her is that she strives for excellence in all of her classes. A few years ago, her grade four teacher advised us that she could easily skip a grade because of her intellect. My wife and I discussed this at great lengths but came to the conclusion that as proud as we would be in pushing this, we wanted our daughter to remain amongst her peers. This proved to be the right decision socially.

Back to the start of this school year…

Our daughter had made her selections for classes the year prior and was looking forward to some of the possibilities that awaited her. When she found out at the start of the school year that she’d be taking a class she had zero interest in- let’s just say disappointment was prevalent. That class you may ask?


Once she began the year, she took it quite well. Her ambition to maintain straight “A’s” took over the disappointment factor. So she aced the class. It didn’t surprise me. The reason being- her Opa is fantastic at working with wood.

My wife’s father was a brick layer by trade, but enjoyed wood working and cabinetry as well. Much of our home was created and envisioned by him. Our children have been surrounded by his talents so naturally it opened up a door to their hidden abilities.

I love seeing something made from nothing so to speak. Creating art from a piece of wood or a blank canvas makes me happy.


  1. pinkzircon · May 8, 2019

    Wow..that’s nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Josef Havelka · May 9, 2019

      Thanks. I’m glad our daughter took the opportunity to expand her horizons outside of her comfort zone in the arts.


  2. Salem Bishop · May 9, 2019

    I would have killed for a class like this in school! We had basically zero options for artistic, crafty, or hands on classes other than one year of “art” whatever that was supposed to mean.

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    • Josef Havelka · May 9, 2019

      My children attend a Fine Arts School- where they major in Music. They do theory in class and extra curricular concert band, orchestra and jazz band. The VSO gets many talented performers from our school. The school also has dance, drama and visual art majors. For most of the students they get an opportunity to use high end equipment for film and recordings. It’s a good foundation for them before entering into university. We had our oldest on a waiting list since kindergarten before she got in for grade eight.


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