My Mother

The majority of my blogs are of my children and my current family life. That’s because I work hard at being the father I always wanted growing up. That being said, I don’t always write flattering pieces about my father. How I saw him is exactly that- how I saw him. Which brings me to the other person who raised me- My Mother.

My mother is a very private person and doesn’t like having her life shared online. So it is rare that I mention her (or my sister for that matter) in my blogs. I respect that she doesn’t want the world hearing about her. I’m sneaking today’s blog in about her because she is here visiting us for a couple of days.

“Gramma” as my kids call her- lives alone on Vancouver Island. Gramma is retired and has a small dog named Jodie living with her. We see my mother about twice a year for a short burst of about two or three days. My kids make an effort to hang out with her because of the brevity of these visits. I encourage it as well. Sometimes my kids will try and get Gramma to tell them stories of my youth and whether I was a troublemaker or not. Sometimes the kids fight over playing with Jodie.

In the end the visits are the perfect length of time. They are just long enough that my mother and I don’t get on each other’s nerves. Plus my family goes at a much faster pace than she does. What with all the activities my children do- we are almost always on the go. My mother has a tough time trying to keep up. She needs to return home to rest after a whirlwind visit at our place.

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