Order Now!

We are coming up to the final days before Christmas. That means there’s going to be a big rush in the online shopping with hopes that items arrive in time. Ahhhhhhh!!!!

I remember my teenage years staying up late watching infomercials. Products I didn’t know I needed, but they had a way of trying to seduce you with how greatly your life would improve. Dehydrator, vacuum sealer, even spray on hair. That last one… maybe I’ll be needing it sooner than I would like to admit.

Back when tv was about twenty-thirty channels, my “surfing” would oftentimes end with boredom landing on The Weather Network or The Home Shopping Channel. And just like informercials- if I ordered NOW! it would only take 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Nowadays we can get items shipped next day Free of Charge. A huge improvement over the years long ago. But now we don’t have the ability to hem and haw over calculating shipping costs and time. The online marketplace inevitably pushes us to faster more convenient consumerism.

I want to go back to the days of K-Tel and the long list of songs they’d offer on record or cassette. Streaming Music is a whole other thing these days that I won’t get into again.

Keep on shopping people! Buy all the things!!!

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