Winter Solstice 2019

Being an Atheist is easy. I follow the universe in the endless adventures bestowed upon it. Science explains so much of what is happening out there that it all seems so simple in the end.

Science, and the world around us, is full of wonder. It’s also full of obviousness. One of which is The Solstice. We celebrate the Winter Solstice every year at our home. I invite family, friends, and coworkers out for a feast and some drinks. We celebrate the longest day of the year which suffers the least amount of sunlight.

It’s the day that crests into the steadying of daylight hours. All of the days following shall feel longer. Until we reach the apex of the Summer Solstice.

Whether you celebrate the Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah or any other sort of tradition this winter- I hope you spend it with those who you care about and who care about you in return.

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