Road Worthy

Our middle child turned sixteen on April 15th. Right in the middle of quarantine/ social distancing life. (Note: I’m not saying the world has overcome the pandemic, just that the peak of solitude seems to be behind us.) We were hoping that on her birthday she would have been able to go and do her knowledge test to begin driving. But it seemed that life was on pause until the start of June when ICBC began allowing people to book these tests.

Our daughter booked her test immediately- but there was a two week queue already. This gave her more time to study and finally had a deadline. I went with her yesterday morning because I had to sign off on her getting her license as she is still a minor. Once I signed off, I was asked to wait outside. I watched from the parking lot as our daughter took her exam. She had forty five minutes to complete it.

She was done in eleven.

She successfully aced the test with only one wrong answer out of fifty questions! 98% is dang impressive, clearly she gets her intelligence from her father. A very proud teenager showed off her “L” to her friends on Instagram and through texting. We stopped about a block away from our home, and I let her get a taste of driving.

All I can say is that this one will need lessons from someone who is not mom or dad. She may be book smart, but she needs to become road smart because those are two very different skill sets. I’m really happy for her and think that driving is a great skill to possess.


  1. · June 20, 2020

    Well done on the driving front guys! I sadly never started driving, living in London all my adult life! Now, here in ‘The Shores’ it would be a real bonus. I remember 16 was a really fun year. It will pan out. It’s a great time of life!

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    • Josef Havelka · June 20, 2020

      I have a buddy who finally got his license at age 40. Funny how different it is when people have great transit options vs those of us without.

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      • · June 20, 2020

        I just never needed to drive Josef! Your daughter is totally ace for learning so young. There used to be a bus service connecting where we are now! A 2 hourly bus service! Not great. You are are no doubt a very proud dad… 👍


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