Double Dose of Kayaking in Fort Langley

My wife and I took a break from packing our house in order to enjoy the summer-like weather. We got up early the past two mornings and headed out to Fort Langley to enjoy some tranquility and exercise.

Yesterday we went to Salmon River and paddled alongside of the farm land. The water levels were so low that we were able to get through a small tunnel and explore more than we had in the past.

Today we went to the Bedford Channel and pushed further than we have before. Whenever we kayak here, we go against the current first in order to float back. The current wasn’t as strong as in the past, which was nice. I was also impressed by the courtesy of other paddlers and boaters considering how busy the boat launch area was getting.

The feel of the sun on our faces really brightened our moods. We also stopped on both days to buy lunch from local businesses. Not that the Fort Langley community isn’t bustling as it is! But my wife and I have a couple favorite spots that we love to support.

I enjoyed my early dates with my wife. We needed some of this time together in order to rejuvenate.


  1. Joey Jickain · May 23, 2021

    Hi Josef, My name is Joey Jickain. I’m interested to go for kayaking with my kids and I think its fun to do but we dont know where to go till I see your posting. May I know do you launch your kayak in salmon river? Is there a kayaking club we can join? Thank you.


    • Josef Havelka · May 24, 2021

      In Fort Langley, we usually park on Glover Road just south of 88th on the east side just before the bridge. There is a pathway that leads down from the road.

      In regards to kayaking clubs, my wife and I follow Fraser Valley Kayakers, Canoes and Sups on Facebook. That is a great place to see where other people locally have gone kayaking, they share tips and locations all the time. It’s a great group with lots of friendly advice.

      As always, even in some of the calmest waters, stay safe out there! Enjoy yourselves! Hope this helps!


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