Dose Deux

Today I received my second vaccination shot. While I’m not the first person to be fully inoculated, I’m glad my time has come.

I went for the mix-n-match second shot. My first dose was AstraZeneca. Today’s was Moderna. A bit of a different approach compared to my first shot. This time around I headed into an “Immunization Centre” to get the vaccine. It was well organized with three people outside greeting everyone kindly and giving direction.

I arrived early, so I listened to the instructions given to numerous people. When it was my turn, I headed in and was greeted by the next group of volunteers. The process was smooth and relatively painless, minus the needle.

I’m glad to have this part of the pandemic behind me now. Give me two weeks and I’ll be strong like ox! Now to register my immunization record online to keep an electronic copy available. You can as well if you are a resident of British Columbia:

Let’s keep the world healthy.

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  1. Mentalhealthandmusicals · June 30, 2021

    I didn’t know you could mix them!

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