Down Time. Relax.

Yesterday afternoon was all “Me Time” and I needed it. Since moving into our home, we have been busy entertaining every weekend. Plus all the unpacking and organizing has been ongoing between days at work. Relaxing has not happened enough.

I took advantage of having the pool to myself and went full Pink Flamingo. I floated around the pool. When I got out of the pool, it was time for the hammock. Resting under by the pool and under the umbrella was great.

As I chilled in the hammock, my wife ran a bath for me. She wanted me to experience bath salts in our soaker tub. Our last home had an old ceramic tub and was uncomfortable. (Only our kids used that tub when they were toddlers.) Yesterday afternoon was relaxing and the bath was a perfect way to let the stress wash away.

The end of our evening, we watched the sun disappear behind the clouds. The sky had dark blues and pinks as the storm clouds rolled in. I went to bed fully recharged and slept soundly.

Down time was needed.

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