All Creatures…

Everyday we have to clean the skimmer trap in our pool. We also take a net and gather up any bugs or debris that is floating on the top of the water in the pool. Not a lot of bugs at this time mind you. Occasionally there is a bug trying to swim and escape the pool, so I’ll help it out.

Yesterday I watched as a dragonfly attempted to land on the water. I fished it out with my finger and the dragonfly shook the water off it’s wings. Then it just hung out with me. Not a care in the world. Had it been a wasp- I’d have been stung as a thank you.

I ended up making a short video for my newly created TikTok account. Feel free to view it here: Dragonfly. It was neat to just have it on my finger. I have had numerous other wild critters in my hands. Check out the links below to my former blog entries:

Calgary Zoo

Froggy Frog

Wildlife House

Another Hummingbird

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