Shady Living

In our last home, the trees gave us plenty of shade. So much so that we never really saw the sky. The trees kept us cool but also threw us off in thinking it was later than it was. Our new place has a more open view with loads of windows. But that is throwing us off in thinking it is earlier than it is.

There is a certain point in the day that the sun burns through our windows blinding us with its light. We have these darkened shades that roll down, so they tend to be used for a few hours each day. They also help to keep the home cool (along with our AC), We can still enjoy looking through the shades at the landscape. It reminds me of viewing old slides on a 35mm slide projector.

As the sun truly begins to set, we pull the blinds back up and enjoy the colourful skyline. Our sectional couch mostly faces the window (and not the TV) allowing for us to enjoy the natural wonders of our city. A glass of wine and the orange sky is a great way to end a work week.

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