Catalytic Theft

At 2:22am this morning, thieves stole the catalytic converter from our daughter’s Honda Element. It took them less than four minutes. Clearly they have done this before to other vehicles.

Our camera caught some footage of the theft. Unlucky for us, a spider decided to make its web in front of the top part of the lens, so we got a bit of glare on the upper portion. Looking back at the footage, there still would be no way to tell the license plate of the truck that stopped on the road. The cost to us will be $300 deductible for insurance and the time lost of not having the vehicle on the road.

As disappointing as this event is, and as frustrating as the theft can be, I’m hoping for some justice to come about. It turns out the Facebook group for our neighborhood has people sharing information about the incident. Hopefully we can get more information to the local authorities about what happened.

Perhaps then this won’t happen to other folks.

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