No More War Stories

Today is Remembrance Day. A day to honor Veterans who served in war. I am a first generation Canadian, so this doesn’t have the same emotional effect on me as it does many others.

My grandfather had a story. He was randomly chosen and placed in a concentration camp. He got out and was extremely abusive to my father and my grandmother.

My father had a story. He lived in Czechoslovakia and was forced into the military by age 18. He worked on helicopters. Then he defected, leaving a wife and child behind.

I don’t have a story to tell as I consider myself a pacifist. I will not go to war. I don’t want my children to join the military either.

I am not putting down those who served. My generational story is about the fact that war creates emotional turmoil. There are lasting effects that cause mental distress. Generational emotional abuse. I’m doing my best to not be like my father. And I know my father was doing his best to not be like his father.

As a society, we should offer more mental support to those who need it. Especially veterans who experienced trauma. Our government needs to help them.

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