Flooding 2021

British Columbia is feeling the effects of climate change and the destruction it brings with it. This summer was forest fires; which occurs every year it seems. However, Mother Nature isn’t done with wreaking havoc.

As you may know, there is a lot of damage being done because of heavy rainfall over the last few days. Places that we never thought would be hit, are now under water and mud. The Greater Vancouver area is all but shut off from the rest of the world. Our major routes in and out have been washed away.

There has been landslides before. Just not of this magnitude. Major railways are hit hard as well. Loss of bridges means that merchandise isn’t being moved. The delays will be felt for months to come for the rest of Canada as British Columbia is a major artery for import and export. The floods have finally been declared a State of Emergency.

Those of us who live here, please be on the lookout for your friends, families and coworkers. They may be affected differently and emotionally by these events. Sending “Thoughts and Prayers” on Facebook might make you feel like you’ve helped in the grief. If you really want to help, donating to the Red Cross is one of the most secure and reliable ways to do so.


  1. Kayo Chang Black · November 18, 2021

    Stay safe, Joe!

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