Not Everyone Is Happy To See The Snow

Last night we had a bit bigger of a snowfall than there was earlier in the month. I saw a ton of pictures and videos on social media about it. So I had to share mine.

Our backyard gave me the perfect emoji. The pool is showing the emotions that many adults feel. Sure, the snow is pretty. But it’s still snow.

I love the white dusting on the ground. It always makes me happy inside. Even driving in the snow is fun. In January 2020, we had a big snowfall, so I took the kids out and we did donuts in the snow in the Honda Element: Read about it here Snow Day Snow Way!

Not everyone like the snow. Many people live in the Lower Mainland BC because of the mild winters. Normally we get a few snowfalls throughout the winter, nothing major. So when the snow happens, I thrive in it.

How do you feel about the snow?


  1. Jill Halasz · December 19, 2021

    Snow is pretty but after the first huge snowfall, I’m over it 🤣

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    • Josef Havelka · December 20, 2021

      We generally get a a couple sprinklings of snow in December and a couple weeks in January. Generally it’s rain. So I love to see snow when it falls.

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      • Jill Halasz · December 20, 2021

        That’s exciting for you. We’ve had snow once and it was really minor. Not sure we will get more before the new year. I know lots of Ohioans will be disappointed but I’m ok with it!

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