Reflecting An Image

The other day the sun was shining. And as usual I was enjoying the views and the feel of the vitamin D. But I noticed something unusual in our bedroom on the bookcase.

A magnifying glass was reflecting an image of the view from our window onto the back wall of the bookcase. It was neat to see it flipped and in full colour. It was like seeing the science of how old cameras worked with mirrors.

I stared for a bit just marveling at it. My brain knew how it all worked, yet not seeing this sort of thing in person kept me curious. Sometimes the simple magic of how the world works is worth stopping to view for a moment. I also realize that I better move the magnifying glass so as not to accidentally start a fire if it magnifies the sun. That would be dumb of me.

Do you ever have moments where you just stop and ponder what you see or experience?

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